All you need to know about Ping Pong

All You Need to Know About Ping Pong

Also popular as table tennis, it is one of the most loved and appreciated game worldwide. It includes hitting a lightweight ball with the help of a small wooden bat. The winning of the game is decided by the points scored by each player and a point is scored every the opponent fails to return a ball. The bats are used to make the balls bounce to the other side of the ping pong table. To need to excel your skills in the game you need to have a good reactive capability and higher reflexive actions.

The game is played all over the world in different nations. Ping or table tennis as you may call it is adored by the people of all age groups irrespective of their castes, race or gender.

The rules and governance of the game

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body for the table tennis all over the world and has its subunits placed in other continents and some of the nations as well. It is the only formal body having the authority to make changes in the table tennis rules. The official rules for the game are specified in the ITTF handbook and are followed by in every tournament and match played.

Origin of the game

The game was firstly originated in the Victorian England as an after-dinner parlor game. It was limited to the upper-class families only at first but slowly and gradually spread its roots to the other sections of the society as well. The game started with a different set of rules but the technique of the game remains the same. With the expansion of England’s colonial rule to India, the British military officials brought it with them, after several modifications and transformations made to the game it gained its current shape and form. The officials took back the game with them leaving it in the high society and the royal families of the country. Soon Ping pong started to spread its roots to different countries affecting all the age groups and sections with its amazement and excellence.

Name of the game

With table tennis spreading to the different parts of the world, different names were given to it and also patented. But the only name and the most popular name to survive the course of time was table tennis. The name was given because of the similarities between table tennis and loan tennis and it was also considered as a miniature and an indoor version of loan tennis. A decade after the name table tennis came into existence an equally popular name was given to the game by Chinese, Ping pong. The name was given in order of absence of any Chinese character named Pong. The name Ping pong is still used by various nations and equally popular. There is no such difference in Table tennis or ping pong, these are just two different names given to the same game.

Equipment used in the game

Like each of the game ping pong also needs some equipment to be played but not as much as the other. You just need a racket, ball and a ping-pong table to play the game. no safety gear is required for you to play the game.

  1.    The racket

It is a racket made by the laminated wood with rubber sheet coated over both of its sides. The racket is made in a semi-circular shape with a handle attached to provide a perfect grip to the player to play the game. It is also called as the paddle in the United States, on the other hand, European and Asian countries prefer it calling bat. But the official term decided by ITTF is the racket.

  1.    The ball

It is a seamless ball made by true plastic in order to keep the ball bounce and the game going. The light weighted ball has a diameter of just 40 mm along with its weight kept to 2.7 gm. The ball is the most important part of the game and specially designed to be easily hit by the rackets.

  1.    The table

The ping pong table acts as a field to play upon and is made of special kind of wood to make the ball bounce. It also has a net placed in the center dividing the table into two exact parts, giving each of the players on the side to play from.

While buying the equipment to set up table tennis you should always stay away from the duplicate products and keep in mind to only buy the original products. As the Chinese products easily pop out during the game and spoil it.

The final result

The game is divided into three, five or seven sets depending on the time available and the convenience of the players. The players scoring maximum points in each set wins it and the winner of maximum sets wins the game. Generally, the final result is decided by taking the best of five or seven sets. But some local bodies also prefer playing the game with the minimum three sets and taking the best of it to decide the winner.

The strokes

Strokes are the main technique used in the game and can be of both defensive and offensive types. The offensive strokes are used to make attacks and win points during the game whereas defensive strokes are used to defend your territory and save yourself from losing the point.

The offensive strokes include

  1.    Hit
  2.    Loop
  3.    Counter-hit
  4.    Flip
  5.    Smash

The defensive strokes include

  1.    Push
  2.    Chop
  3.    Block
  4.    Lob

These strokes are used while the game by the players to defend themselves as well as to score points against the opponents.


Above mentioned were some of the basic things to know about the ping pong game and can be helpful to gain excellence in the game. you can also take the help from internet to gain expertise in table tennis.