Table Tennis Beginner Guide

Table Tennis Beginner Guide

Table tennis is the most popular game which is played worldwide by millions of people. Ping pong is also known as with ping pong however table tennis is the old name which was originated in Victorian England. This popular game has few rules and some equipment.  The first thing is a table which is made up of hard wood and there is a wooden ply for a smooth surface. As you begin to play ping pong, you need a racket which is normally light in weight but heavy enough to give a good stroke.  The game can be played between two players as well as four players depending on the match type. If you are playing for the first time and don’t know that how to start then follow these tips:

  • The racket is the main thing which helps in drive the ball that’s why to get your rackets ready. However, any one has to serve the ball and it can be done by tossing first. You should choose any of the coin sides and let the opponent choose other. Now, toss the coins and know that who will serve the ball.
  • This is easy to know and now, get started by serving the ball. You can play against a player as well as you can use a wall to learn to play. As the ball return, you need to hit back and try to return it in the little bit same direction in beginning. Learn this thing and try to be an expert.
  • After becoming an expert in driving back, you need to learn to spin. This thing takes time and it is a little bit tricky because you have to hit the ball in the right direction as well as you have to make this ball to spin. Pay little bit attention to the fact that you have to hit with a little speed on a slope. After practicing the shot for numerous times, you can learn it.

Make sure that you read the rules which are regarding the ball hitting the table. The ball must hit twice on the table and doesn’t block by the net. This is the time consuming thing that’s why you can try playing without net for the first time. After a couple of gamers, you will be able to drive the ball perfectly. Set the net and play again. Tricky shots matter the most in ping pong and these are mostly used by experts. You should try this out so that you can assure your victory with ease.

The Conclusion

If you find this helpful and willing to progress more by learning tricks then you can try some of the videos available on YouTube which can help out in learning better.  Those who are willing to purchase a ping pong table tennis then make sure that you have a good budget because this is a little bit expensive and require consideration on many vital things to avail the best one. Choose the one according to your budget.